Our consulting services form the foundation for long-lasting IT partnerships that help companies imagine and innovate their business in a digital world. Our speciality is in our dedication to each task – our clear explainers and helpful consultation aren’t confusing and we lay out our plans clearly. Here are a few more details on the services we offer.



Research and Development is crucial when you’re developing new products and services. There is a certain amount of risk involved when introducing new innovations to your business, but our R&D services help to highlight potential pitfalls through thorough testing.

  • The first stages to improve your business outreach and product development is R&D

  • IT is all about finding innovative solutions for business performance

  • Our R&D services are most effective for your business’ new products

  • There are a few stages, from the initial scaling up, hypothesizing about potential outcomes, and rigorous A/B testing


ERP is one of the most valuable IT solutions in the industry today. The main focus of ERP software is to improve the organizational efficiency of businesses, helping to improve transactions and production to an almost totally error-free level.

  • ERP is all about managing business processes in (or near) real-time

  • ERP provides an integrated insight into the efficiency and success of business processes and stores them in a common database

  • Used to track business resources – cash, production capacity, needed materials – and can also be used to track business commitments, like orders, payroll, and more

  • Guarantees error-free transaction management and the most efficient method of running a business

IT Audit

An IT audit focuses on the management controls inside your company’s IT infrastructure. We’ve come across clients who haven’t update their system in a decade - not only does this present security issues, you’re also more likely to have poor performing ROIs due to deep-rooted issues in your system.

  • We focus on security and whether your system is safeguarding assets

  • Data integrity is essential, more on that in a moment

  • Focus on whether or not your organization is effectively operating so as to achieve long-term goals

  • Raising awareness and sharing knowledge


Web development is a huge topic and differs from business to business. Whether you need to build a single static page - with a bit of text and images on - or construct a complex inter-linked website to change the face of your brand online.

  • We offer web engineering, web design and web content development

  • Our speciality is all about client liaison – we want you to be the main thinking process behind your website, we’ll just build it for you

  • While we handle the functionality of your website we’ll also work on the web server and network security configuration, this is part of our IT Audit services

  • Us IT experts often refer to web development as the non-design element, focused on coding and website construction


Research and Development is crucial when you’re developing new products and services. There is a certain amount of risk involved when introducing new innovations to your business, but our R&D services help to highlight potential pitfalls through thorough testing.

Research and Development

There are different methods behind R&D and this differs from corporation to corporation. With byte, our personalized service guarantees that your business is getting the exact help it needs. Our team of IT experts have worked with hundreds of different companies in a variety of industries. We might already have the solutions in hand.

R&D differs from other types of business development because it’s not intended to reward immediate financial returns. The process takes time and last many months, mostly because the testing needs to be total and complete to prevent future risks. However, R&D is essential if you want to dominate larger market share and make your new product launches a success.

ERP Solutions

Getting an ERP system up and running differs a lot from traditional software development, which is why you need our expert team to take care of it. These systems run across a variety of different hardware and networks which an un-experienced hand will struggle with. All the data is stored on a single database used as an information repository.

Enterprise Resource Planning.

ERP systems can be used for a range of different business processes, including financial systems, such as a general ledger, cash management and fixed assets; management accounting, like budgeting and costing; and human resources, like employee payroll management, training, rostering and more.

For corporations concerned with manufacturing, ERP systems is used to great effect to track engineering, bill of materials, work orders, scheduling, and so much more. Once your product is completed you can also an integrated system to organize your supply chain, including planning, supplier scheduling and warehousing – which covers stuff like picking and packing.

ERP is also used for lots of other forms of business, like project management, customer relationship management, and data services. Contact byte to find out how our integrated software can help improve every organizational facet of your business.

IT Audit

The main purpose of an IT audit is to analyse a system’s internal control design and effectiveness. At byte, our main concerns are efficiency and security, IT governance (and occasional oversight), and the development processes. There are a few types of IT Audits which we offer, please contact us directly and request a consultation to find out how we can help your business on an individual level.

Information Technology.

Security is utterly crucial, especially if your business handles large amounts of raw customer data. For a system to be considered genuinely secure, there needs to be a strong partnership between the IT Company (in this case, byte) and your company. You need a third party opinion on your security systems to be sure that your internal systems are secure for outside attack. Our IT team audits information security, such as data centers (the physical security of these places), networks, and application security.

Some of the main points we focus on are: will your business be able to protect its information in the result of a cyber-attack? Will your computer systems be available to protect your information? Is the information feedback from your systems reliable and timely? And if pressed, will the information in the systems only be given to authorized users?

These are important points which byte establishes methods to solve during our IT Audit. The world of IT Audits constantly evolves. Byte works hard to make sure our team always has increasing knowledge about changes in the world of IT.

Web development

Whether you’re starting a new business or want to go further to establish your existing business’ image online, byte consulting can build and improve your website. There is nothing more important than having an appealing and highly functioning website to create leads and close sales. You’ll notice higher traffic with our focus on page speed and off-site SEO optimization and close more sales through well-designed UI and customer funneling.

Web Development.

How does web development work? Well, it depends on the size of your project. Larger corporations need a large dedicated team to constantly manage their website and continuously optimize as the internet changes. Smaller businesses only need an individual contractor to keep an eye on things and assist when systems don’t appear to be working as intended – it happens, this is the internet.

Web development comes in three stages – the front-end developer, what the website actually looks like, the back-end developer, how everything works behind the scenes, and the full-stack developer, which is a full so-called ‘solution stack developer’ who builds a system that doesn’t rely on third-party systems or software.

At byte consulting we track the trends of the internet. The vast majority of browsers are using Google to search for specific terms and to browse the internet. Our websites are built with Google’s best practices in mind and focus on site speed and mobile responsiveness. More and more people are using their mobile phones and tablets to search the web, so your website should be ready to appeal to those searchers.

To find out more about our web development services, and how we can help you with personalized service, contact our team for a consultation.

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